August 18, 2016 / Michelle Gross

Our New Website: Goals, User Experience, and Data

As a technology thought-leader, part of our commitment to our clients is ensuring we are always well versed with the latest software development, user experience design, and digital marketing best practices. And what better way to showcase the talent of our team than to create a site reflecting our expertise? Without further ado, we are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website!


An example of our goals going into the redesign:

  • Boost lead-generation
  • Showcase our portfolio of client projects
  • Expand the visibility of our service offerings
  • Build a more user-friendly way to manage content
  • Utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase organic traffic
  • Follow industry best practices using the latest digital marketing strategies

To achieve the list above we decided to move forward with full site redesign, a mobile-optimized brand, and a custom-built content management system. Interested to see how we did it? Continue reading below to read about our strategic site changes.


User Experience & Design

Responsive DesignCreative Director Luke Prosser envisioned a seamless experience built for a variety of screen types and devices to best tell the A&D story. He began crafting the site with a mobile-first design for an optimal UI/UX regardless of screen size. With mobile on the mind, we optimized our brand by thinning out the navigation menu, moving from an encircled Ackmann & Dickenson logo, and focused on optimizing our current A&D logo to free up space for a smaller screen.

In order to bring attention to our expanded capabilities, we showcase them as a rotating list overlaid on the interactive video on the homepage. This gives users a taste of both the A&D culture via the video and our service offerings right away. By doing this, we give those visiting us for the first time a clear and concise picture of who we are and what we do.

Utilizing the space on top of each parent page, users will find a video showcasing our culture, our office, and our brand. This tactic was leveraged to focus on two key aspects of the business: our people and our work. In addition, at the bottom of each page there is the option to explore the next page. This linear style of design directs a user through the A&D story in a approachable, narrative manner. Return visitors are still provided with traditional navigation options to navigate the site organically.


CMS & Usability

Paid Social StrategyAs Google continues to reward content-rich sites with higher search rankings, it is more important than ever for businesses to have the flexibility of a high-performing content management system (CMS). With this in mind, our development team selected WordPress as the open-source CMS on which to build our new site. WordPress allows for an easily customizable website that meets our digital marketing goals while simultaneously supporting our business development goals.

Our developers built our site modularly, making it easy for admins to make any number of changes to the site. Whether we are updating our portfolio items, creating engaging blog posts, or A/B testing new headlines, the site is now able to support a variety of marketing and business development initiatives.


Content & Conversion

Research & StrategyPairing analytics data from the previous site with updated goals for the new one, we created a more informed content strategy. With an expanded capabilities section, we designed content based off of SEO and keyword research recommendations from our Digital Marketing Team (DMT), which will help our capabilities pages drive more organic search traffic.

To increase conversion rates, we mapped out a linear path telling the story of A&D. Various contact forms are placed strategically throughout the site with eye-catching headlines, begging to be filled out. The capabilities pages provide the information you need to make an informed decision about partnering with A&D, and the forms make it easy to get in touch when you’re ready to start the conversation about your next project.


We pride ourselves on providing the very best to our partners and look forward to hearing any feedback from you. If you experience any problems using the new website or have any questions, please contact us at


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