Xcentric Mold & Engineering

A stats-based strategy that shines

111% ↑
conversion volume, while cost per conversion ↑ just 16%
8% ↑
search impression share for key service offerings
Click-through rate for that same service line (up from 1.1%)


In an increasingly competitive business environment, Xcentric Mold & Engineering needed to ensure they were positioned and considered among market leaders. The company wanted to increase spend in a way that was both responsible and strategic, and find a balance that maintained high conversion volume and conversion rate at a reasonable cost per acquisition. Xcentric Mold & Engineering also sought a marketing strategy tailored to drive aggressive ROI benchmarks; smartly, the company understood how critical it would be to see which elements of paid search campaigns were more or less profitable.


“Strategic, methodical, actionable ad approach resulting in superb ROI!”

-Petro Tsarehradsky, CMO, Xcentric Mold & Engineering


With Xcentric’s business objectives the ultimate priority, Ackmann & Dickenson:

  • Restructured the client’s account to consolidate ad groups and keywords into specific themes, based on service type and average sale value.
  • Utilized competitor and industry insights for Xcentric Mold & Engineering to determine competitor tactics and proactively combat them. That strategy helped A&D develop short- and long-term goals for the account while providing ongoing direction.
  • Researched consumer behavior to adjust display-remarketing campaigns, which enabled Xcentric to prevent leads from falling out of the funnel during a prospect’s consideration process. These strategies also gave higher search preference to users who had previously interacted with the company, which boosted conversion rates significantly.
  • Incorporated device-based bid adjustments, which were integrated into campaigns to reach users at important moments of their buying journey.
  • Utilized advanced attribution modeling, based on industry buyer behavior, to serve ads to users at critical moments of the sales cycle.
  • Implemented keyword insertion that allowed Xcentric Mold & Engineering to resonate with users searching for highly-specific, complex service offerings.

Given shifts in the industry, A&D’s approach was fluid, relentlessly testing ad copy variations, keywords and optimizing for conversions.


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