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Hospitals are often overwhelming and hard for patients to navigate. To solve this, the University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center (UMMCC) wished to create a state-of-the-art application for interactive kiosks that would be placed strategically around the hospital. The application needed to seamlessly provide patients and their families with reliable and useful information to navigate the campus. Two versions of the app were required; one for the cancer clinic and a second for the general hospital.

University of Minnesota Health
U of M Health Small Grid
U of M Health on iPad


A&D kicked off the project with a requirements gathering sessions to gain a fundamental understanding of the app’s ideal functionality. Initial features included maps of the clinic and hospital, medical resources, hospital specific widgets. A simple, user-friendly interface was designed to appeal to a wide demographic audience.

U of M Health Screenshot


The teams at the Masonic Cancer Center and Masonic Children’s Hospital can now easily modify the application’s content. In addition, they can update and change resources, maps and guides, and personalized hospital messaging. All kiosks throughout the clinic are equipped with the latest technology to better serve patients, families, and visitors alike.

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