Trendsend by Evereve

Handpicked style delivered to your door


Evereve, a fashion-forward clothing boutique for moms, augmented its in-store experience by creating a monthly subscription box service, Trendsend. This personal styling service allows consumers to complete an online style profile and put their fashion choices in the hands of experts. An Evereve stylist then hand-selects personalized outfits to match the customer’s lifestyle, tastes, body type and budget. Each order is shipped to the consumer’s door on a monthly or “on-demand” frequency.

The new direct-to-consumer e-commerce model was rapidly growing, yet overly complicated. Information used to style and process orders was fragmented across many different systems and databases. This made fulfilling orders tedious, time-consuming and subject to human error. Additionally, returned orders often stacked up and clogged the workflow.

To deliver and scale its new Trendsend service nationwide, Evereve sought a streamlined technology strategy to make fulfillment and customer service more efficient. Additionally, the application needed to be available on both iPad and Desktop devices.


In the UX discovery and research phase, A&D looked at Trendsend’s current order fulfillment process for pain points and efficiency opportunities. We conducted interviews with key audiences (including product owners, Evereve’s CIO, directors, stylists, and fulfillment specialists) to help inform an optimal user experience. After assessing all insights and integration points, A&D and Evereve developed a minimum viable product to test key functionality, requirements and usability. Frequent iterations throughout the project enhanced the user experience and accelerated the product to market.

The final custom software solution spans Rails, NodeJS, ReactJS, and iOS technologies. It integrates with Trendsend’s e-commerce and inventory management systems, providing stylists with a wealth of information — from customer purchase history to clothing item inventory — right at their fingertips. The responsive web app also includes a layer of native functionality to communicate with the iPad’s internal hardware. In other words, our team tapped into the iPad’s existing hardware and leveraged its camera to function as a barcode scanner. This approach allows stylists to scan a clothing item and automatically sync it with the inventory system.

“I could tell you about the intricate integrations we had to do to make the process seamless for our stylists. But in reality, all that they see is a beautiful and simple-to-use app where all of the complexity has been hidden and masked so that they can focus on their core mission: styling and serving moms.” –  Anthony Hoang, Evereve CIO


The new web app effectively streamlines internal procedures. It allows stylists to spend more time creating personalized ensembles and less time entangled in manual processes. Over 1,000 Evereve stylists across 70-plus locations and 22 states have embraced the new workflow.

“The app is incredibly user-friendly. We don’t even need training for it.” – Marie Schutte, director of Trendsend.

All inventory tracking, management and order fulfillment is now seamless and efficient. Managing returns has gone from three hours to just a few minutes per day. “That’s a game-changer in terms of how our customers are perceiving and experiencing every step of the Trendsend service,” Hoang explained.

The sheer convenience and customization offered through Trendsend’s subscription box service is clearly resonating with consumers. According to Michael Tamte, Evereve’s co-CEO and executive chairman, revenue driven by the app is equivalent to opening seven stores in a year. Evereve expects Trendsend to grow the business by 300 percent in 2017.

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