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Grady-White, a boat manufacturer in Greenville, North Carolina, approached Ackmann & Dickenson after experiencing challenges with its custom B2B web application. This application allowed dealers to order boats and parts, submit warranty information, and generate reports based on their sales history with the organization. The dealer portal also provided access to documentation, parts manuals and product history. This vital source of information was outdated and ran on database server software that required urgent version upgrades for security. More than a decade old, the application also lacked many of the best practices employed by its modern-day cohorts, including a responsive design and intuitive user experience.


Grady-White wanted to update the outdated features of its B2B web app while also introducing an exciting new feature for its dealer network — The Boat Configurator. This new tool would enable dealers to design a customer’s dream boat by adding or removing features while dynamically updating boat specifications and pricing in real time. At the end of the process, dealers would be able save their session for future reference or submit an order.


To achieve the new complex application architecture, A&D rewrote the existing application. A&D leveraged new and existing APIs and built a ReactJS Single Page App front end to create a rich interface that is interactive, mobile-responsive and secure. A&D built a completely new and modern client interface to seamlessly integrate the new updates with the current look and feel of the existing system.

Additionally, A&D completely rebuilt the user management system, making it easier for dealers to access the application — and Grady-White staff — to update content managed areas and assist dealers with their accounts.

With the introduction of the new, custom-built API data layer, the entire app can now seamlessly talk to the database and integrate with the client’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The Dealer B2B application has the ability to interact with the same systems that power the rest of the company, including the on-premises production line.

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