Coloplast Co-Marketing Campaigns

Co-marketing campaigns that build loyalty & revenue

increase in local search market share
growth in lead velocity for physicians
Over 60
hours consumers spend per month with content on the co-marketing landing page

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Physician referrals were lacking for a medical device client,, and competitors were capturing market share. A complicated treatment process and a lack of loyalty from physicians was leading to poor visibility and awareness of Coloplast’s products.


Ackmann & Dickenson collaborated with key stakeholders to identify a strategic campaign approach: build loyalty through co-marketing paid-search campaigns to increase the visibility of physicians’ practices and our client’s product, while also demonstrating Coloplast’s commitment to the success of physicians.

A&D created sound campaigns grounded in Google best practices and advanced performance testing methodologies.

  • The client’s previous ad copy experiments were leveraged to develop high-performing ads. For instance, selective incorporation of local terms and the physician’s name in ad copy were used to boost ad click-through rates.
  • Physician leads were maximized with a budget and bidding strategy focused on identifying consumers that are near the end of the conversion funnel.
  • A&D implemented all possible best practices according to Google standards, including multiple types of bid adjustments, daily and weekly ad schedule budget flights and ad extensions.
(L) 7.79% Click-through-Rate after A&D implemented local search and co-marketing strategies. (R) 3.26% Click-through-Rate before A&D strategy.



Showing clear results helped build the physician’s confidence and loyalty to Coloplast. Precise performance tracking was displayed in an easy-to-understand custom dashboard and provided to the client and physician on a monthly interval. Micro-conversion points, such as page scroll depth, were used to gauge intent and likelihood of visitors becoming leads.

Number of calls/Call duration

Evaluating the length of a call to a physician’s office helped calculate an accurate number of leads. A&D and the physician collaborated to establish key performance indicators and targets for those KPIs to set expectations and assist in achieving campaign success.

“Efficient, effective and trackable. We had tried several marketing solutions, but this has been, by far, the most effective.”
–Participating Co-Marketing Clinic

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