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Mobile App Development


The Bioscope team approached Ackmann & Dickenson with a unique project request: iOS mobile development for an interactive video recording app. The design assets were already created and the team at Bioscope were tech-savvy enough to build the mobile application themselves. What they needed was an experienced development team to come in and ensure a strong code base from which to build upon. Not only was this A&D’s first mobile project through the newly opened Phoenix office, but also a unique challenge in that the iOS code was partially written.

Bioscope Merging Videos Screen Shot
Big Grid Bioscope


The A&D mobile team received the necessary design assets and conducted a requirements gathering session. At this point, the current state of the code was assessed alongside the general status of the project’s progress. This involved in-depth analysis of the current code base and a project plan to move the application forward using available iOS technologies. The mobile developers decided on four one week sprints to complete the project using Agile methodologies.


Bioscope Phone Collage


At project’s end, the Bioscope team received a thorough code base to serve as the foundational underpinnings of their iOS application. The app’s purpose is to have two cell phones congruently filming an activity – one being the “Director” and one being the “Crew”. This is possible through peer2peer technology and does not require an internet connection for phones to tether and recognize one another. With this purpose in mind, the A&D team was able to deliver on Bioscope’s vision.

Bioscope Screenshot Example

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