June 19, 2018

What Our Google Premier Partnership Status Means For You

Google AdWords is a powerful tool for generating traffic and revenue online; but running a successful campaign in AdWords requires some significant savvy within the platform, not to mention an understanding of the strategies and tactics that return consistent results. The platform itself can be overwhelming, especially staying on top of multiple new feature releases throughout the year.

But Google doesn’t want you to fail on their platform; in fact, it is in their best interest that you see a return on your investment. Google wants you to continue investing your ad spend on their platform and they know if you aren’t seeing results, you aren’t apt to continue including AdWords in your strategy.

That’s why Google created their Premier Partner distinction–to help you know which partners Google has identified as having the certifications and proven-track record of success in the platform.

What is the criteria to become a Google Premier Partner?


Google offers AdWords certifications of several varieties, including:

  • AdWords Fundamentals
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising

Google Premier Partners have more than one team member certified in the AdWords platform in one or more of the specialization areas.

Ad Spend

Google wants to ensure that the partners who receive their recognition of Google Premier Partner are accustomed to managing large budgets across multiple accounts. So, part of their criteria is that a partner demonstrate a spend threshold beyond that of their standard partner status. The actual spend amount required varies depending on country and market.

Company Performance

Google looks at the top-level account where an aggregate total of the linked client accounts is reflected. From that data, Google evaluates:

  • Client revenue growth
  • Client retention
  • Overall revenue growth
  • Growth in number of advertisers

They require at least 12 months of data, but they look at an 18-month period to decide if the track record of performance meets their standard.

What does working with a Google Premier Partner mean for your business?

As you can see above, Google takes granting companies with their Premier Partner status very seriously. They want you to achieve your goals in search engine advertising; but they know that having a qualified partner with proven results makes that a lot easier for you to get there. There’s nothing like knowing you can trust your partner with your budget and your strategy on a powerful-but-complicated platform such as AdWords.

Google Premier Partners have direct access to Google resources without having to jump through hoops. There are Google representatives assigned to each Premier Partner account. These representatives are there to help figure out how to best accomplish goals, utilizing the latest AdWords features and ensuring partners are equipped for success.

Premier Partners often have early access to the latest features on the platform, as well as training on those features, before they are fully rolled out to a wider audience. This gives Premier Partners the opportunity to get you a potential jump on the competition.

Let’s talk about your online advertising goals.

Our team has been recognized as a Google Premier Partner. With that recognition has come many exciting opportunities for our clients to achieve great results!

Let’s get into what your business is all about and what you’re hoping to accomplish online–we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and dive in. How about you?

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