September 4, 2018

A&D Developer Earns Peer-Nominated Award

At Ackmann & Dickenson, we know employees are our most valuable asset. Each day, they bring the knowledge and expertise to the table to solve complex client problems. We recognize this effort and impact as part of the Ackmann & Dickenson culture in a number of ways — shoutouts at company meetings, team lunches and workplace gatherings to celebrate and reflect on milestones.

One of the unique ways we recognize employee impact is with the Clear Night Luminary Award, a peer-driven accolade given out quarterly to acknowledge accomplishments and contributions of team members .

In the third quarter of 2018 we’re proud to recognize Casey Jacobson, a web developer who’s been at A&D for three years, as the most recent Luminary Award recipient. A trailblazer in technology and consulting, Casey advocates for solutions to achieve client business goals and objectives. He believes in embracing challenges and risks to create and deliver solutions.

I sat down with my colleague to talk about his passion for development, what drew him to this career, his role as a mentor and the evolving tech landscape.

Get to know Casey, the latest Luminary Award recipient

For Casey, working as a developer is all about staying nimble and remaining open to new ideas and approaches. “Being a developer these days is tough because technology moves so fast,” he said. “Some people operate in one set way — it’s just how they are. However, to be truly successful, you need to adapt and stay involved with changes in the development community. I’ve embraced this aspect of the job, as there is always something more to learn.”

Casey has worked on a variety of projects at A&D. During his first two years, he was heavily involved in creating employee engagement software for a large company.

Now, Casey’s diving into working with Vue.js, a front-end Javascript framework. He said A&D’s culture encourages employees to constantly grow, learn and collaborate with peers. His biggest peer mentor at A&D has been Software Engineer Drew Kestell. “I worked with Drew on my first large project,” Casey said. “We were both at similar points in our careers and it was great to work so closely with such a talented developer. He was always eager to talk about the different approaches to solve a problem. It’s great to have another perspective, and for that type of collaboration to be encouraged.“

Jeff Miller, Director of Software Engineering at A&D, touted Casey’s aptitude for being a mentor for his colleagues — always gracious with his time, attention and expertise. “He’s a friendly and reliable consultant and engineer who’s smart and easy to work with,” Miller said. “Casey works every day to become a better developer, mentor and leader in engineering.”

While Casey’s a developer now, his background started in design. “I worked in both development and design in college, and was really drawn to the challenges development presents,” Casey said. “There’s a certain level of craftsmanship required to build resilient applications for the web these days. It’s integral you balance complexity and simplicity, while keeping user experience as the primary focus.”

Casey sees his role at A&D shifting toward mentoring and teaching younger developers, while remaining active in development. “I’m looking forward to not only continuing the work I have been doing, but also spreading knowledge around the organization.”