Craftsmen of fine technology.

A New Vision

Michael Ackmann and Andrew Dickenson started Ackmann & Dickenson in the fall of 2007. They had a vision for a company with consulting services that could offer a stronger relationship between strategic direction and technical execution. They saw a need for business assessment that led to technology solutions. 

So they set out to build a company that blended marketing and technology strategic consulting with a design-build service offering.

Ideals of Craftsmanship

The vision of our founders is how the ideals of craftsmanship came to guide us. Centuries ago, skilled craftsmen were hired to deliver products made to a customer’s exact specifications.

Today, A&D solves modern-day business problems with digital marketing, design and development expertise.

Giving back to the community

We believe in serving the community for the greater good. We support several remarkable organizations that are making a difference in our community locally, across the country and even around the world.






Leading our tradition of craftsmanship.

A&D’s leadership is dedicated to supporting our clients and developing our employees.

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