July 5, 2011

Eyeo: Converge To Inspire

Last week, we attended the Eyeo Festival. Eyeo brings together art, information and data. There are now so many new tools at our disposal, the way we interact with data is changing every day. The mouse and keyboard is yesterday’s news. Today, we can swipe, pinch, point and even use our bodies to manipulate data.

View from the audience at the Eyeo Conference

For A&D, this is an important event to be a part of; through the enterprise level applications we build, we have access to an incredible amount of data and it’s our job (and responsibility) to present this information in a logical and informative way.

McNamara Center Sky Lights

The festival takes place in the magnificent McNamara center on the U of M campus. I can’t think of a better place to listen to 30 inspiring speakers. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be detailing some of our favorite presentations and projects that we learned about and inspired us.

Presentation at Eyeo

We had a blast at Eyeo and we’re excited about next year’s event… but if we could be so bold, we’d like to suggest the lunch is brought forward a few hours. Our tummies were rumbling by 1 o’clock. Thanks!

A&D Access Pass for EyeoThe crowd engaged at the presentationMcNamara CenterPlayful Spaces and Generative DesignMcNamara Center