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Ackmann & Dickenson (A&D) has over 10 years of experience helping start-up, midsized, and Fortune 500 Companies achieve their business, e-commerce, B2B or lead generation objectives. To mitigate challenges, we prioritize opportunities and apply our experience to proven methodologies. Our key mantra is “Data not Drama.” We remove subjectivity by using data to inform digital marketing strategies.

Web & Application Analytics

Ackmann & Dickenson can help you implement, track, and analyze your website traffic. Integrating an analytics platform is important to guiding business decisions, and our team will provide strategy based on your current and future business objectives. Our holistic data analysis can help to:


Ackmann & Dickenson provides custom Internet marketing audits to help guide strategic planning. Common audit types include navigation path, conversion funnel, SEO, PPC and Social Media analyses. Each Audit report includes a comprehensive assessment of your current situation, relevant industry trends and competitive findings. We provide a complete strategy and ordered list of recommendations for execution giving your company the insight to be able to adapt and overcome the new search environment.

Search Engine Marketing

Ackmann & Dickenson can act as an external resource to help you plan, budget and manage local or national search strategies for SEO, Pay-per-Click or Social media initiatives.

Pay Per Click (PPC)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media & Other Services

In addition to placement within the search engines, being able to control the frequency to connect your brand messaging to brand advocates can be important. This provides opportunity for different content types such as images, video’s, press releases or transcripts.

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