Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing team excels at crafting online strategies for companies of all sizes. Beginning with a “Digital Audit”, the team dives in to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your current website and strategy. Using tried and true methodologies, we’ll invest our know-how to tailor a specific plan for you. At A&D we believe in removing subjectivity; we let the data tell the story.


Start Driving Online Results Today!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We can:

  • Optimize Online experience
  • Develop key word strategies
  • Measure against competitors
  • Elevate content in search engines
  • Execute social media optimization
  • Produce ROI-driven results
  • Improve local business listings
  • Apply technical SEO for search algorithms
  • Deliver performance reporting

Digital Advertising (PPC & CPM)

We can:

  • Boost website traffic
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Reach custom audience segments
  • Manage search campaigns
  • Manage Display and Remarketing campaigns
  • Manage Product Listing Ads
  • Develop and A/B test ad types
  • Focus on ROI or lead generation tactics
  • Measure against competitors
  • Deliver performance reporting

Website & Application Reporting

We can:

  • Measure historical performance
  • Perform competitive benchmarking
  • Drive mobile or browser insights
  • Create conversion funnel strategies
  • Optimize tracking for reporting accuracy
  • Provide Google Analytics training

Website & Digital Marketing Audits

We can:

  • Perform SEO audits
  • Perform PPC audits
  • Review social media integrations
  • Review conversion funnels
  • Provide competitive insights
  • Perform usability analysis (UI/UX)

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