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Simplifying energy data analysis


Ackmann & Dickenson was tasked with designing and building an application for an energy management company out of the Midwest with principle investors including bankers and energy-management experts. Historically, energy management was performed manually via examination of lengthy and multiple energy bills. EnergyPrint wanted a system that would aggregate building data, thereby allowing building management companies to quickly assess and improve energy consumption and performance.


Architected to handle large corporate clients, the EnergyPrint application provides unique access to key energy data analysis that was previously a manual and highly time-consuming effort. The application was designed with usability and ease of use at the forefront, thereby providing clients the opportunity to quickly view and assess carbon consumption and associated energy costs for specific properties or aggregate property profiles containing multiple buildings. Property and portfolio managers can visually determine best- and worst-performing properties, compare like buildings (construction type, year built, primary use, etc.) as well as forecast future performance.


With phase one delivered in just four months, Ackmann & Dickenson harnessed the power and expertise of its development team in conjunction with open source tools to rapidly yet effectively develop a stable, scalable, extendable and maintainable application. Users of the EnergyPrint application can immediately determine best- and worst-performing buildings, assess environmental impact, simplify energy budget creation and management and ultimately improve their overall energy efficiency.


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