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The best way to create, share, and discover homebrew recipes.


strategy & planning

Brewtoad got its start as an internal skunkworks project and as a result a working prototype was built to test key features and functionality. After the designs were worked out we were able to reuse the code developed for the concept, saving time.

Design Elements

The design started at an obvious place, the beer! One of our innovations was to create an easily scannable recipe grid that lets the users find the perfect beer recipe without having to read every entry in our database.

Recipe Display Example - Blonde Ale
Icons indicate the ideal glass for the style of beer.
Recipe Display Example - Graphs on Hover
Hovering over a recipe show properties such as gravity and % alchohol.
Recipe Display Example - Dunkelweizen
The background shows the final color after the recipe has been brewed

Data visualizations

Graphs are used to give homebrewers a quick visual representation of the properties of their beer recipes. Color is used to differentiate recipes and properties that match the specified style of beer.

Recipe Properties
Aggregate Statistics
The IBU scale measures the bitterness of a beer

Responsive design

Brewtoad was built from the beginning to handle any device thrown at it while not compromising on a fantastic experience.

Devices that can handle advanced graphic effects and animations are delighted with some extra visual flourishs while users on older devices can still access the core experience.

Tablet view of a Brewtoad recipe
I stumbled across BrewToad a few days ago and must say, I am impressed! It looks great and love how simple and visual everything is.
iPhone view of a Brewtoad recipe
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Our UX designers and software engineers worked in a rapid and collaborative manner, constantly iterating and refined the core experience of brewtoad.

Design/Dev Screenshot
Brewtoad is Awesome… I recently discovered Brewtoad a few days ago while chatting with some guys in the #homebrew IRC. I have to say, you guys have done an amazing job.
Reddit Alien

“This is tons better than pretty much anything out there as far as style and usability. Your web team knows what they are doing.”
bifftradwell, via reddit.com

internet marketing

Brewtoad’s core resource is its user generated content. The A&D Internet Marketing Team has sought to improve the value of the Brewtoad recipe and style pages leading to a overall increase in search engine traffice from 20% to 60% of incoming visitors.

Visits over time

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