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Solid Gold Hits: The Best of Sketch Plugins

  Last week I gave a presentation on a beginner's guide to designing with Sketch in conjunction with IxDA Phoenix at Coplex studios in downtown Tempe, AZ. Also presenting was Stephen Olmstead, VP of Strategic Partnerships at InVision. This was   followed by a panel discussion on Sketch which I was lucky ...

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Pizza, Mobile, and Fargo: Midwest Mobile Summit ’14

Fargo, ND is home to some of the greatest pizza in the world. Happy Joe’s Pizza Parlor, Duane’s House of Pizza, and Pizza Patrol are legendary among pizza aficionados in the midwest. Fargo also happens to be the home of the Midwest Mobile Summit. Now ...

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"Shouts to ppl deleting photos" - iOS 7 Ramblings and Reactions

iOS 7 came out last week and with it came the a flurry of social media moans and complaints about everything from the download times (it took some people hours), to space needed to install (3 gigs!), to the new interface (Everyone hates the new ...

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A new A&D site is born!

We've launched a new Ackmann & Dickenson site today! Our new site was designed, developed, and strategized by our team over the course of the last few months and we're excited to have it live. Here's a few words on how we got where we are ...

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#kerning and the #nbalockout

  The confidence in my own design sensibilities and aesthetics were temporarily shattered recently as a result of checking Twitter more often then I should. An omnipresent vortex of time wasting links. The following is a synopsis of my Twitter related thoughts throughout the workday: “Hmmm, I’m not ...

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"Fixed" Got Fixed

As an office of predominantly iPhone users, we were all excited about WWDC and the future of iOS. Overall, Apple didn't disappoint; I'm ecstatic Notifications has been overhauled and I'll be glad to see my missed calls AND crucial Foursquare checkins together at last (Oh, ...

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